Tired of Overspending on Razor Blades?

With Blade Buddy, you can now shave with as few as 4-8 blades per year!

Keep Your Blades Sharp for Months!

Blade Buddy maintains the sharpness of your razor blades, so one blade gives you a close, comfortable shave for months, instead of days.

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Why Are People Choosing Blade Buddy?

I’’ve had a shaved head for about 15 years and I went through about 1 razor per week. Since I’’ve bought the Blade Buddy I’’ve been able to use the same razor for close to 8 weeks without experiencing any nicks, cuts, or discomfort. I have also recommended the product to my co-workers and friends. Great product!!

Jonathan A.

With Blade Buddy I have no reason to change from the razors I’ve been using for years. They work just fine, actually better than ever, and with no irritation. What’s not to like? Thanks Blade Buddy. PS: My wife is also using it now. Can you guess what I’m giving away this Christmas for stocking stuffers?


I must say I’m really pleased (even impressed) with the Blade Buddy. I’ve been burned on other products I’ve ordered online promising to do this or that… but your product actually does what it says.  I use the expensive blades and I was going through them way too fast. Your product actually makes it feel like I’m using a new blade each time I use the Blade Buddy and it has really slowed down the need to change the blade out. Heck, I paid for the Blade Buddy in just a couple of weeks use. Very impressed. :)

John M.


Will Blade Buddy work with any razor?

Yes. Blade Buddy will extend the life of all razor blades, including disposables.

How does Blade Buddy work?

Every time you shave, the edge of your razor blade bends. Blade Buddy’s micro-honing grooved surface straightens the edge back into alignment.

How do I use Blade Buddy?

All it takes is 3 easy steps. Watch the video below and discover how to keep your razor blades going strong.

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