Shave For A Full Year with as Few as 4 to 8 Blades...
with Blade Buddy.

Blade Buddy works with all major brands

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Fewer Blades, More Savings

Shave for an entire year with as few as 4 to 8 blades. Cut down on new blade purchases and put the savings in your pocket!

Good As New

Blade Buddy restores your blade’s sharpness, ensuring a close and comfortable shave – day after day – while protecting your skin from nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair.

Easy To Use

Sharpening with Blade Buddy is quick and easy – you’ll be done in seconds.

Keep Shaving With Your Favorite Blades

Regardless of what you pay for your blades, with Blade Buddy you’ll be shaving for pennies a day.

Less Waste

Planet Earth will thank you.

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With Blade Buddy, your blades stay sharp for months

Blades get dull with usage – we all know that. Thanks to Blade Buddy’s patented micro-groove technology, you can now repair the tiny deformations on your blade’s cutting edge that make your blade dull after just a few shaves. See how it works.



Blade Buddy + Free Proraso Shave Cream

 Free Shipping
 60-Day Guarantee
 Free Proraso Shaving Cream
 Patented in USA
Blade Buddy is available in blue, black, aqua and white.


Shave For A Year – Dorco Pace 4 Razor

 Free Shipping
 60-Day Guarantee
 Patented in USA
Includes Blade Buddy, Dorco Pace 4 Razor and 6 refill cartridges.
Blade Buddy is available in blue, black, aqua and white.

"I love Blade Buddy! I’ve had a shaved head for about 15 years and I went through about 1 razor per week. With Blade Buddy, I’ve been able to use the same razor for close to 8 weeks now without experiencing any nicks, cuts or discomfort. I have also recommended Blade Buddy to my co-workers and friends. Great product!"

− Jonathan A.

"I went to go see how low I was on blades before shopping the other day & still had 3 in the holder. I had only used 1 blade for the month vs. between 4 & 6... It's great to find things that just simply work & doubly good when they save you money too! Thanks guys!"

− Kyle

"Would you believe me if I told you I'm still using the exact same razor from December 31, 2013. Well, I am... It is now August 1, 2014. About ready for a new blade, but keep on forgetting to buy one. Thus, I keep on using Blade Buddy and keep on getting good shaves. Crazy. Never thought I could use the same blade this long... (FYI - Mach 3 Gillette is what I shave with.)"

− Brian