What is Blade Buddy?

Blade Buddy maintains the sharpness of your razor blades, saving you money, reducing waste, and eliminating nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair.

Check out this short video to learn all you need to know about the Blade Buddy:

What are the benefits of Blade Buddy?

  1. Shave smarter: Replacing razor blades after a few shaves is costly and wasteful. Save money, reduce waste and eliminate nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair caused by dull razor blades.
  2. Reduce waste: Two billion razor blades and their packaging are thrown out each year, resulting in two million pounds of plastic waste. Blade Buddy significantly minimizes the amount you throw away.

Why was Blade Buddy created?

Blade Buddy was created to save consumers money. What was once a basic grooming necessity, razor blades have somehow evolved into a luxury item – so expensive many drug stores are now selling them from behind the counter. Celso Martell grew so frustrated with the high cost of razor blades that he devoted five years of his life towards inventing a product that would restore affordability to razor blades.

How does Blade Buddy work?

Every time you shave, the wafer thin edge of your razor blade gets microscopically bent. Gliding your razor up Blade Buddy’s micro-honing grooved surface straightens the edge back into alignment, restoring the sharpness of your blade. So one blade gives you a consistently close and comfortable shave, each and every shave.



How do I use Blade Buddy?

  1. Before shaving, lubricate Blade Buddy with a thin layer of shaving cream.
  2. Set razor blades flat on three arrows and push forward with moderate speed and light pressure.
  3. Lift razor and repeat 15-20 times, keeping the pad lubricated.

Can Blade Buddy restore my old, dull razor?

Blade Buddy is designed to maintain the sharpness of new or like-new razor blades. It is not meant to restore blades that are damaged, dull or rusted.

Will Blade Buddy work with any razor blade?

Yes. Blade Buddy works with all the major brands: Gillette, Schick, BIC, Dorco, Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s…

How can I best maintain my Blade Buddy?

Simply rinse your Blade Buddy after each. It’s that simple.

How long will my Blade Buddy last?

As long as you follow the instructions, your Blade Buddy should last for years.